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In 1888 London was the largest city in the world. A bustling metropolis with smog, docks and factories which saw a recent invasion of immigrants into the east end of the city. That autumn a series of unprecedented murders took place in the Whitechapel district.


The area was a notorious ghetto where the lives of it’s inhabitants were subject to the everyday hardships that poverty brings. Prostitution and alcoholism were rife and violence was a daily burden most faced with as much dignity as was possible. But on 31 August with the discovery of the brutal murder of a prostitute in the small hours of the morning, a mystery was born that was to baffle the police to the point of frustration.


Walk the same trail of pursuit that the most notorious killer in the history of murder took as he led the police in a merry dance and continually escaped capture. Learn how the murderer went on to kill more prostitutes, taking body parts as trophies from his victims, whilst taunting the police with letters written in blood which he signed – Jack The Ripper.


Jack The Ripper